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Is the American Dream Still Achievable Essay?

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This question has been debated by many, as we approach the end of the year. The answer is a resounding yes. The American dream remains an ideal for all of us. Even after all of the challenges we face, it remains, for the most part, a way to make ends meet and provide for the family. It is just that some of those ends meet very comfortably in different ways for some than others.

American Dream - Definition, Origin and Historical Phases

One thing is for certain, if you are looking for the American dream there is no shortage of answers. In fact, it is pretty much guaranteed that you will not be disappointed. We live in a land of opportunities. We have the tools necessary to create wealth and be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. If you are willing to follow directions and work hard, the American dream is within reach.

So where should you start? How do you know that your dream is attainable? The only way to know for sure is to begin by writing down your goals and how you intend to go about achieving them. Once you have come up with those, you can move forward on a list of other ideas to think about and implement. Looking More visit

It is not as hard as some make it seem. If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and just want something better, then you can achieve it.

There are some basic steps that you can follow. One, know your values. Having these in place ensures that you always have something to live for and something to dream about. It also makes reaching those goals much easier. You want your life to be full of success, not dread.

Two, write down your goals. Put pen to paper. Make it tangible and attainable. Now you know that the American dream remains a possibility for everyone.

Three, find or create the right motivation and keep you going. You cannot achieve something if you do not believe in yourself or your ability to do it. If you feel discourage, then find the courage to continue on. Remember, the American dream is within your reach.

Four, write down your talents. Be creative and show your strengths. This will allow you to reach your dreams much faster. Also, if you have any talents that you did not recognize as you were growing them, now is the time to capitalize on them. You never know, you may be on your way to stardom. If you think being an actor or singer is your cup of tea, then start acting or signing up at open auditions.

These are just four tips that will help you achieve your dreams. Find what are the American dream and put your efforts into making it happen. Remember, anything is possible if you will it. Have fun while you work for it.

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