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The Benefits of Cloudways

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Cloudways is a PaaS (Pre-Mobile Platform-as-a-service), a type of cloud computing service offering a hosted platform to businesses. Not only any hosted platform, a cloud platform through which a consumer can develop, deploy and manage web programs thereby avoiding the complexities associated with maintaining and building the web site. With this, a web application can be easily deployed without substantial investment in server equipment, software or bandwidth. As a hosted solution, the end user can run, view, and customize the applications in the cloud. Hence it provides solutions for rapidly developing mobile and web based business applications.

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Managed hosting with cloudways offers various benefits to organizations. Most importantly, it allows enterprises to save substantial investments on capital expenditures and management of servers. Managed hosting services enable organizations to obtain reliable and secure servers and it also enables them to make improvements in their systems without affecting the servers and the applications.

This is achieved by providing IT managers with control over the servers. Managed cloud hosting providers normally provide IT managers who have direct access to servers. Usually, the process of hiring a managed cloud hosting provider involves several steps. These include the selection of a cloud provider, pre-authorization of a virtual private server (VPS) and naming of servers. Based on the needs of an organization, different types of managed hosting solutions may be used. These include the following:

o Identification of key features that a company requires for its growing requirements. Since cloudways managed hosting platform to provide a wide variety of solutions, it becomes imperative to identify what key features of a business requires. For instance, if a web application is developed and stored on a shared server, then it is more beneficial to use a managed cloud hosting platform than a dedicated one. Based on the key features that a company requires, it can easily find a cloud computing provider.

o Comparison between various cloud hosting platforms based on various key features. To get a good idea about the service offered by cloud computing, it is imperative to compare various providers. It is also important to check the price that is charged by these managed cloud hosting platforms. The price that is charged by these service providers will vary based on various factors such as the capacity offered by them and the number of users that will be allowed on the platform.

o A comparison between different hosting plans and hosting packages offered by managed hosting platform. When deciding upon a cloud provider, it is important to consider the kind of hosting services that are offered. These will include the speed at which the platform will operate, bandwidth, storage space, software license, and customer support. Most of the providers will base the pricing of their packages on the features that are provided to the clients. If a customer requires additional services, then the additional charges may increase the overall cost of the hosting package. Some of these services include application development, custom development, database integration and scripting, as well as support for various data types.

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