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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly With Bluehost Plans

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It seems that lately everyone is talking about Bluehost. They have taken the internet by storm and have become the top choice of many people looking to start a web business. Now, let me be the first to say that, they do make a great deal of money. But, before I go on, I want to explain a little bit about Bluehost so you can get an idea of where they come from and why they are one of the best web hosts on the internet today.

BlueHost Plans – Which to Choose for Your Website?

The first thing that is important to know about Bluehost is that it comes in two flavors. Bluehost Basic Plan and Bluehost Plus Plans. While bluehost does not offer any annual billing plan, it’s actually very cheap when you compare it to other shared hosting plans available on the internet. Besides, let’s see what the basic plan has to offer so you can decide for yourself.

With the basic plan you get unlimited domains and with the plus plan you get unlimited domains plus the value added features of unlimited emails, sub-domains, and unlimited website space and traffic. So, if you need the basics and don’t need the bells and whistles then this is the right option for you. Plus, Bluehost also offer great customer service and affordable yet reliable hosting plans. If you run a small business or have a hobby that requires a lot of up time then this might be just what you’re looking for. In addition, you will be happy to know that their system is virus free.

These two basic plans start at around $10 a month and increase in price according to which option you choose. To compare the two I would check out a site called cheapest web hosting and see what services they are offering and at what price. This will help you find out what is the cheapest option for you in terms of services and renewal prices. The fact is that most of the companies that offer the cheapest plans aren’t the best when it comes to support and quality so it’s important to take some time to really find the right option for you before you sign up for anything.

Now, there are many things that make Bluehost one of the best and most popular choice for people who own websites. First, is the fact that they have no annual fee so that makes it a perfect choice for new entrepreneurs. Second, you can get unlimited domain names for as long as you wish and this is an extra benefit of the bluehost plans. Plus, if for some reason your domain name expires then you don’t have to pay for a new one which saves you a lot of money each year. Finally, if you choose the pro option then you will receive an email notification whenever a domain name registered with them expires while the discount plan doesn’t even notify you about any domain name expiries. This feature gives you the opportunity to save time and money on the registration process.

These are all great features that you won’t want to miss out on if you’re looking for a reliable way to host your site. The fact is that there are so many hosting plans out there that you might feel a little overwhelmed at the whole thing but you’ll feel better knowing that you’re getting a good deal on a reliable hosting plan for your site. You should always look into all of the options that you have before choosing the one that you want to go with.

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