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Shop Management Software Brings Digital Vehicle Inspections to Life

There are many benefits of having a digital vehicle inspection report. For one, it helps car dealerships cut costs because it lets them easily assess whether their repair expenses are cheaper than buying a new car. It also tells customers if their cars need costly repairs or not. But how do you get a digital inspection report?

Importance Of Vehicle Inspection On Arrival - Car Discuss

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) are self-paced inspections conducted by trained technicians with a tablet device that document the findings on the screen. On some platforms, the entire inspection process is printed out and then added to an online shop management system (CMS). The best inspection programs will also store the findings on the device itself and in the cloud, directly to the user’s profile. Whether or not your car needs a service or if it is still under warranty, you will be able to track and monitor the progress on the device from anywhere at any time.

Another major advantage to digital inspections is the speed at which the inspections run. The inspections can run in less than 1 minute on some installations. For service advisor scheduling, this makes the digital inspections ideal. You can schedule the inspections to occur at regular intervals and have alerts sent via text message, email or automated website to let you know if the فحص السيارات has begun.

When it comes to vehicle repair or even a new car purchase, having a provision system is critical. Most consumers are hesitant to have their car serviced or their engine repaired because they fear it might take too long or will cost too much. Most consumers don’t want to wait on their car to go through any repairs or maintenance and would rather buy it immediately. The problem is that buying a new car means you need to have the car inspected by a professional service advisor who has access to a device that takes a quick visual inspection of the system. Having a provision system that does a quick and easy visual inspection will ensure the car or truck will go through the necessary service procedures and will be ready for the customer when they arrive.

The great thing about using an inspection application and proovision monitoring is the equipment and diagnostic tools are very reliable. Proovision devices have been around for years and have a proven track record in the quality and performance of the equipment. You can depend on these devices to give you a detailed report of the condition of your engine, transmission and much more. These detailed reports will ensure you won’t miss any service or parts needed to make your car or truck function the way it should. This can be especially important because sometimes the easiest way for a technician to diagnosis a problem is by taking an inspection process that involves visual inspections of various systems on the vehicle.

Shop Management Software has everything you need to ensure your technicians have everything they need to offer their customers the best service possible. Service advisors can use the software to view diagnostic trouble codes, engine faults and other symptoms. They can even receive real time updates from the technicians as they perform these tasks. This allows the shop management to have the most up to date information available to them regarding the condition of the vehicles and the services performed on each one. This high level of detail and up-to-date reporting will allow your technicians to provide a better overall customer service experience than they would without the software.